Skilled Worker visas allow employers to recruit workers who are not residents in the UK for certain skilled jobs.

The visa is open to individuals who achieve 70 points for meeting specific requirements such as skill level and salary, English language ability and having a qualifying job offer from a UK sponsor.

The skilled worker visa provides that spouses, partners and dependent children can accompany you during your stay in London.

The requirements you need to meet will vary depending on your circumstances. If in doubt, it is best to consult or speak to an immigration lawyer for specialist advice.
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What are the requirements for the Skilled Worker Visa?

The rules and requirements for the Skilled Worker visa, applicants will need to accumulate a total of 70 points to be eligible for a visa, including EEA nationals recruited from outside the UK.
You need to achieve 70 points for a skilled worker visa which is made up of 50 mandatory points and 20 points for what is classed as “negotiable” criteria.

Table of 50 compulsory points.

Need for a skilled worker Points Mandatory or tradable?
A genuine offer of employment from a licensed sponsor 20 points Required
Speak English to the required standard 10 points Required
The job offer is at a skill level of RQF3 or above 20 points Required

The minimum wage required for skilled workers

The general minimum salary for the skilled worker visa is £25,600 per annum unless the ‘stay rate’ for the specific role is higher. Each occupational code is assigned a permanence fee.

 English language requirement

The required level of English is a minimum B1 CEFR level (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), to read, write, speak and understand English.

Certificate of sponsorship requirement

Before the worker can submit their visa application, their UK sponsor must first issue them a valid Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) to confirm that the individual and the role meet the sponsorship eligibility requirements.

Need for financial maintenance

The applicant must demonstrate that they meet the financial requirements and have sufficient funds to support themselves as they will not have access to public funds such as benefits.

The rules state that applicants must have at least £1,270 in their account

Application for a criminal record

Some applicants may also need to provide a criminal record certificate if their occupation requires it.

How much does a Skilled Worker Visa cost?

The applicant will have to pay the visa application fee of between £610 and £1,408, depending on their circumstances and whether the work is on the shortage occupation list, and the immigration health supplement, and a fee of £624 (IHS) per visa year.

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